What is werkoderko?     werkoderko is a new fashion label from Munich, Germany, producing very cool comics t-shirts around the "Gams" (*). Its name arises from a bavarian saying which means something like "who can, that can" - the proud saying of a werkoderko shirt owners.  
  Background story    
All about "Gams"    In the beginning there was the Gams (*)! And it then took quite some time until mankind invented "Haferlschuhe" (traditional brogues) which indeed were reproductions of the special hoofs of the Gams animal. But what happens if a maker of traditional brogues meets a comics artists in the bavarian center of the world, namely Munich? Right, a sensational fashion label is born. Cool comics t-shirts that really seem to be cult. You can buy these t-shirts exclusively at www.werkoderko.de or by arrangement in the werkoderko showroom in Munich. Gams und Shirt
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Long version of the background story:
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  Contact Us - Showroom     werkoderko ·  Schellingstr. 48 ·  80799 München (Munich, Germany)
+49 89 22 80 20 34 ·  www.werkoderko.de ·  adabei@werkoderko.de
  Images for Print Promotion    
werkoderko logo
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2089 × 631, zip file 110kB

T-Shirt motif "contest of dumpling eating"
frome the series "Bavarian pentathlon"
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1624 × 1519, zip file 179kB

T-Shirt motif city stream surfer ("Eisbachsurfer")
from the series "Munich Edition"
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1770 × 1639, zip file 107kB

Promotion image
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(*) Note: "Gams" also is the bavarian word for chamois - this nice animal which lives in the mountains, preferably in the Alps.

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